The Best of Dance Works in 2011.



When we look back to our 2011, we will say it's an international year of Dance Works. We flew to Washington DC, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Xianyang and Nanjing internationally, Domestically, we kept promoting and performing tap dance around Taiwan. Taipei Tap Festival has been for 7 years ; Daydreamer+ has been presented for second time since 2010. During the whole year, we wouldn't say we have done many things but we have tried our best to make every thing perfect. Thanks for the applause from every single audience and the reports from every international media. These are definitely the most precious and important feedback and energy for us.

In 2012, we will keep going. On the stage of NY this July, we are looking forward to having more people know Dance Works, Tap Dance in Taiwan, and the new power of Tap Dance in Asia.

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