A short film by Pavel G. Vesnakov, 23min, HD

When Yavor realizes that his world is falling apart, the first thing that strikes his mind is the need to meet his best friend Ferti - in the neighborhood where they have grown up together. Driven to desperation the two boys find comfort in memories and drugs.

Starring - Aleksnader Aleksiev, Valery Yordanov, Yana Titova, Antoaneta Petrova, Diana Kyosseva, Aleksander Krustev, Kaloian R. Pishmanov, Hristo Chukov, Alexander Vesnakov, Vasil Krustev, Angel Gennovski, Nedialko Kondev - Babata, Vladimir Gruev, Daniel Cvetkov, Ivailo H.

Written and Directed by - Pavel G. Vesnakov
Director of Photography - Orlin Ruevski
Executive Producer - Monica Balcheva
Sound - Vesselin Zografov
Make-up and Set Design – Anna Andreeva, Iva Shtabekova
Lighting Departmant - Dimitur Pavlov – Caisa, Emil Spasov – Kliuna
Camera Assistant – Angel Stefanov
Art Department – Hristo Chukov
Assistant Director – Kaloian R. Pishmanov
First Assistant – Aleksandar Vesnakov
Editor – Pavel G. Vesnakov

A production of Tatiyana Films

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