Based in New York City, KumbaCarey is a dynamic ensemble of Criollo Dominican music, which honors the preservation of important cultural traditions from the Dominican Republic. In 1999 the late Master percussionist Boni Raposo founded La 21 Division which delivered notions of the African heritage in the Dominican culture through lecture demonstrations, workshops and live performances, inside and outside of the New York State area. In February, 2007 Boni passed away leaving behind a legacy of learning from the men and women in the Dominican country side who have maintained traditions alive. The concert was captured using a multi-camera set up at SOB's, NYC, in night club ambient light.

Director - Editor
Willian Aleman

Kathy Luke
Niurka R. Fland
Vivian Martínez
W. Aleman

Stereo Sound recording
Alberto Santamaria


Lead Vocal

Pedro Raposo
Maria Terrero
Alexander Callender

Music Director
Alexander Callender

Background Vocal
Liliana Raposo
Manuela Arciniegas


Jonathan Troncoso
Victor Raposo
Jan De León Metz
Abraham Encarnación

Pablo Castellado

Fidel Paulino

Pucho Alamo

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