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Military Mass Murderers?


1. Hans Oellers - Human Rights Live Technical Director (Mexico)
2. Will Wyckoff (USA)
3. Lars Drudgaard - Mind Control Victim & TI Community Representative (Denmark)
4. Magnus Olsson - Mind Control Victim & TI Community Representative (Sweden)
5. Marie Palac - Morgellons Bioterrror Victim & Targeted Individual (Sweden)
6. Melanie Vritschan - Human Rights Live Chief Editor & Targeted Individual (Belgium)
7. Sylvain Henry - Chemtrail Expert & Human Rights Live Active Member (Canada)
8. Sylvie Baudson – Human Rights Live Active Member & Supporter (Belgium)
9. Dr. Wil Spencer - Morgellons Research Group Associate, Naturopath, Vibrational Medical Science Practitioner & Author (USA)

a) Welcome by Melanie & Hans - Human Rights Live Introductory Words

b) Quick "Tour de Table" - Participants' Presentation

c) Getting started: Short TI-Testimonial Introductory Movie (John N. TI Nanotech Implants Morgellons Mind Control Electronic Harassment MK Ultra... a few words):

d) Group Discussion I: All these Horrors: “One big family?” Finding Links (All)

e) Horror Picture Show: “In deepest Abysses: “Psychotronic Weapons” Presentation Dr. Terry Robertson, Certified Anesthesiologist and Chairman of the Medical Committee for Freedom From Covert Harassment and Stalking:

f) Group Discussion II & Round Table “Concrete Actions”:
1. Lars & Magnus update us on current mind control issues (2nd Germany Tour planned, Martin Luther King Day Campaign, Interest in Human Rights Live from the TI-Community...)
2. Melanie gives a brief overview on actions planned or running (Legal actions planned or running, Human Rights Live Website, Ideas for concrete Lobbying Actions...)
3. Sylvain speaks to us regarding the “Air Combat” (Chemtrails) and the Green Light Campaign
4. Wil updates us on the “Morgellons Front”

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After watching this video and those on my YouTube-Channel I think that we have said enough. And it´s really time to go to the next level. Taking action!!! We can´t permit this Human-Rights-Violation anymore.

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