Ellie van Zyl is an extraordinary woman. She and her husband Paul became missionaries over 50 years ago to the "bush" region of North South Africa (a short ways from Krueger Park).

They have served and ministered to the indigenous people of that region. Over the decades even while apartheid was in place, they served the black people groups of that area.

Their first home 50 years ago was a grass hut. Ellie would cook over an open fire outdoors whatever Paul would shoot for dinner. Their lives were frequently threatened by local witch doctors, but they were steadfast in being a reflection of Jesus Christ to the people of the area. Ellie delivered over 3,000 black children without losing any of them. Paul learned some rudimentary dentistry from a visiting dentist so he could help the people after the dentist went back to the U.S. At times, Ellie had to stitch people up and do a bit of informal doctoring.

They built by hand many churches in the communities around them. They established a mission near Barberton where indigenous pastors could be trained. They built a feeding station in Tonga, South Africa, to help feed and cloth children whose parents have been killed by AIDS. I have heard it said that Tonga is the AIDS capital of South Africa. This video is about that feeding station and her amazing and effective ministry in that region.

Paul died in an auto accident in 2009 while in the midst of building a church for a black congregation in the poorest section of Barberton, South Africa.

Ellie has continued to minister to the point of exhaustion. She has grown the feeding station far beyond what existed at the time of Paul's death. She has impressed and amazed me.

By whatever definition you use for the word "hero," Ellie is a hero.

I shot the pictures and video for this 8 minute production over the last four years with a Canon Powershot 950 and edited it with Pinnacle. I am not a professional so don't be too critical.

I edited this video so that it can be sent to friends and supporters of Ellie's ministry. She needs help so she can continue helping these children.

As you watch this video, breath a prayer for Ellie and the people that work with her. After you watch the video, you may want to donate to her ministry. If you do, there are instructions how to do so at the end of the video.

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