This is the last spot I produced for AtoZion. I shot everything on the F3 with a combination of CP.2 and Ruby 14-24. I tried mixing in the Sony glass...and the color rendering was so far off of what I was getting with the Zeiss glass that I had to bag it. (side note: god bless the built-in ND of the F3).

We had the incomparable Bob Willard out helping us on the explosions, which was a blast (no pun intended.) The hits were a bit more concussive than the tests we ran, which was hilarious because I'd assured the actors that they wouldn't hear a thing. Imagine their surprise :)

The aerials were all shot using the Ruby 14-24, which worked great. I found myself wanting a bit more focal length, but the next wide angle zoom option is...well, like twice the price.

I did all the "photon" compositing in AE with the help of VCP's lens flare plugin.

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