"Drawing on Drawing a Hypothesis"

Nikolaus Gansterer & Emma Cocker

With text by A. Adam, Monika Bakke, Kerstin Bartels, Marc Boeckler, P. Brandlmayr, Emma Cocker, Gerhard Dirmoser, B. F. Fisher, Nikolaus Gansterer, Hanneke Grootenboer, Karin Harrasser, Helmut Leder, Katja Mayer, Ralo Mayer, Felix de Mendelssohn, M. L. Nardo, Christian Reder, Philippe Rekacewicz, Moira Roth, Andreas Schinner, Ferdinand Schmatz, section.a, Walter Seidl, Christina Stadlbauer, Axel Stockburger, Jane Tormey

Based on "Drawing a Hypothesis", 2011,
(Springer Publisher Wien/New York)
a publication project by Nikolaus Gansterer
Book design: Simona Koch

Video was commissioned and produced by M HKA
Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Belgium
as part of the Graphology Project
curated by Edwin Carels

Camera and editing:
Patrick Elliott

Supported by Nottingham Trent University, Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Bm:ukk Austria

© 2011

More info:
Using processes of cross-reading and live drawing, their performance lecture approaches the publication "Drawing a Hyothesis" as a reader might thumb through the book; where certain sections appear to be lingered over, while others are skimmed in the search for key words and phrases, evocative fragments and extractions.
Their reading suggests that books like Drawing a Hypothesis might not always need to be read in a linear or logical way, but rather are to be dipped into, allowing for detours and distractions within the event of diagrammatic reading itself. The lecture takes the figures of thought at the heart of Drawing a Hypothesis as points of departure for exploring and performing the correlations between thinking and drawing. Addressing the shifting and ambivalent properties of image, symbol and drawing within the publication, it asks, “how can these visual artefacts be comprehended?”


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