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The Bunyip Movie

Following in the steps of The Blair Witch Project, the original suspense horror Alien and the inspired crowd-sourcing heart of films like The Tunnel, The Bunyip Movie* (working title) is a micro-budget suspense horror being shot in New South Wales, Australia.

Directed by Miri Stone & Denby Weller, the creative directors of West Wind Digital, this film is a high-octane creature-feature that is going to rock your socks!

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What's the story?
When a team-building hike strays into the territory of an unknown Australian predator, this group of tech-savvy, thrill seeking city folk will discover that some legends have teeth...
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Stay tuned online for more vids... Expect camera tests, behind-the-scenes footage and vlogs from these filmmakers as they take you on journey right throughout production.

Get involved in our crowd funding campaign and get inspired - we want your contributions so we're running awesome competitions for casting, creature design and much more...

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What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a new way for filmmakers and creative projects like ours to gain the financial resources and backing we need to make our projects happen through raising funds online. It a safe and effective way to gain financial backing from family, friends and online fans in a time when financial resources are precious. Every pledge, no matter how big or small, will make a massive difference to our ability to make this film. People who pledge on the pozible site will ONLY be charged IF we reach our goal of $3K within the time frame.

What is Crowdsoucing?
Crowdsourcing is a term to describe the process of working with your fans, fellow filmmakers and audience to co-create your project. In the case of The Bunyip Movie, we are holding online auditions, hiring our production crew and even running an online design competition to have our fans and collaborators win a place as the creature designer on the film set.

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