Sacred Space is more than stillness, more than Sabbath observance; It’s living life according to God’s rhythm and delighting in relationships with Him and His children. GODencounters afforded young adults a chance to explore this together and encourage each other in that journey. Joining with thousands of other young adults admittedly took some by surprise.

“It’s amazing to realize that I’m not the only one struggling. It’s even more amazing to come to a place like GODencounters and find people who understand and are willing to take the time, and make the effort to help me in my walk with Christ,” shared Wesley Lange, a 25-year-old, avionics mechanic. “Everyone’s enhanced my GODencounter! My relationship has been greatly renewed!”

GODencounters a holy movement among new generations who are wholeheartedly seeking a 24/7 experience of GOD, recklessly living for His renown.

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