Come to the New Hope Film Festival on July 14th at 6:15 PM, check out the full length film, and vote for us to win Audience Choice in the Student catagory!
2012 Flamingo Film Festival- Best Documentary
2012 New York City International Film Festival
2012 New Hope Film Festival
2012 Cape May Film Festival
2012 Red Film Market: Red Rock Film Festival
2012 River City Festival of Films
2012 Artist Visions Film Festival
2012 Flamingo Film Festival
2012 Albany Film Festival

FULL VERSION SCREENING JULY 14th at 6:15pm at the Stephen J. Buck Memorial Theater as part of the 2012 NEW HOPE FILM FESTIVAL.

This is the PREVIEW of the new documentary The Tattoo Life: The Rich Cahill Documentary.Rich Cahill is a tattoo artist, painter, musician, and protester. In 2000, Rich started a successful chain of tattoo shops, Immortal Ink. He has since sold his business to start a fresh art studio and tattoo shop in Frenchtown, New Jersey where he can express himself in his own unique way. The Tattoo Life is the story of Rich's career and a portrait of his life, all leading up to his Frenchtown Studio. Featuring interviews with Rich, his clients, Frenchtown residents, fellow tattoo artists, and even Frenchtown's chief of police (also a client). This piece is captivating for tattoo aficionados and art fans alike. It attracts more than just artists with his charisma, personality, and interesting talents. This film stands out from a genre over-saturated with drama and 'reality' with it's focus on the art and truly unique cinematography, and diverse soundtrack featuring music by Rich himself and other bands he is associated with. A film by Jon Reino, director of Downward (Official Selection 2011 New Jersey International Film Festival and 2011 Cape May Film Festival).

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