A short-film about High Wycombe, the town where I currently reside.


"The wooded valley of Wye"

The first documented settlement at High Wycombe in the late 10th century, which later evolved into a great market town around the 12th century. It was also used through the Medieval and Tudor times as a stopping point on the way from Oxford to London, with many travellers staying in the town's taverns and inns. High Wycombe was especially noted for having six mills and for its quality chairmaking factory since the 19th century onwards. For centuries the Chiltern woods have been manged and coppiced by generations of woodman known locally as (the Chiltern) bogders.
High Wycombe was the site of a minor English Civil War battle featuring John Hampten, furthermore the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.
In the 1960s the town centre was redeveloped. This involved culverting the River Wye under concrete, and demolishing most of the old building in Wycombe's town centre.

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