“The Color Red Bleeds Blue”
An Expanded Cinema work, Projector Performance
Performed Live at Liminal Space, Oakland, California- November 2011
By Kerry Laitala
Sound Collaboration Between Kerry Laitala & John Davis
Video documentation: Chris Musgrave
Thanks to: Tana Sprague & Henry Rosenthal

Polychromatic light waves caress the corneas and travel via the occipital lobes through corpuscular connections…. Spectrums of undulating, spinning refractions of forms move through space… the Chromocinekaleidoscope creates sculptures of pure color rendered through the vehicle of light: celestial, tangible and tasty…One becomes immersed in momentary molecules of elusive color, spreading and staining the wall palate to divide slivers of space into charged shards of time. The threshold of awareness melts into the fabric of luminous energy, which radiates from the lens through reflective mirrors as the apparatus through which one spies becomes the vehicle for re-compositions to scatter through space, colliding with the screen/eye/mind. Laitala manipulates the splintered, celluloid imagery in real time pulling the ephemeral image like taffy through the space and bringing out shimmering refractions of lustrous luminance. Reverberations of a trickle of cloud sounds patter the tympanum in time with the rhythm of the lustrous light.

Media Used: 2-16mm projectors, Hand-Made soundtrack processed live with sonic collage layers by John Davis

“The Color Red Bleeds Blue” is An Homage to Jordan Belson and Paul Sharits

©2011 Laitala

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