Minimale films presents a teaser of the documentary on the actor Enrique Riveros, a film that rescue the memory and international career of this unknown Chilean actor, whose work began in Paris in mid-twenties, where he performed for major cinematographic directors: Jean Renoir, Alberto Cavalcanti, Benito Perojo, Rene Hervil, among others. In 1930 Rivero become the protagonist of "The Blood of a Poet", the first film of the world-renowned French artist and intellectual, Jean Cocteau, "The blood..." is an avant-garde film considered one of the milestones of surrealism.

Director: Raul Miranda
Investigation and script: Raul Miranda / Maria Jose Riveros
Camera : E. Pavez-Rset.
Music: Sebastian Jatz
Editing: Andy Docket
Production: Minimale Films

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