Official Selections:
Brisbane International Film Festival 2011; New York's African Diaspora International Film Festival 2011; Dungog Film Festival 2011; Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2012; Culture Unplugged Film Festival 2012; Africa World Documentary Film Festival 2012 {Cameroon, Barbados & Nigeria); Blue Mountains Film Festival 2011

Wollombi Valley Short Film Festival 2012

A young refugee from South Sudan wanders through the suburbs and city streets of his new home, Sydney, Australia. We are privy to his thoughts and reflections. How can he, life uprooted, learn to make small, tentative steps to live again in another land? How does he show his face when everywhere he turns, it is the mark of a problem? Through his soliloquy run themes current to the political and social landscape of Australia - 'the refugee crisis' - who, how many, border protection, crime, resources, integration. Globally, the increased movement of dislocated populations demonstrate that these concerns are not uniquely Australian. Using images and narration, the protagonist speaks directly to the general fear of the Other.

Wr/Dir. Iqbal Barkat; Prod. NatalieOliver/Iqbal Barkat/Vincent Tay/Yuol Yuol; DP/Ed. Vincent Tay; Music. Jamie Walsh

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