Brief: Describing Desire Lines
Based on the observation from Desire Lines Pt1 project, you are now asked to produce a final piece of work that functions as a visual explanation of desire line(s) or their use. You might continue to explore, discover and show hitherto unrecognised desire lines. You need to consider that you are demonstrating your thinking and observation to an uninformed audience.

Work Description:
Video clip that shows the desire lines at Student residence hall. I found it interesting that people locate the furniture or products according to their behaviour pattern. For instance you put drawers or a lamp on the left side of desk if you are right-handed. All students in dormitory have provided the same layout room and furnitures but adjusted them according to their desire lines. There are patterns in such things but also there unique and creative ways or nesting which amuse the observers. I recreated the situation that the student moves in to default setting room to adjust it in her way and filmed the process.
and adjusting it in her way.

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