The fact that Nike was about to became the main sponsor of all sport divisions at Barcelona Futbol Club was not an event without importantce. The brand knew how important this was, and wanted a campaign to comunicate that.
Althought Barça is the biggest multisport club in the World, its main team –the one that generates all of the sponsorships- is the football club. However the brand wanted to avoid the idea of “Football is everything”, on a sport level, still honouring all the Sports of the club somehow.
That is why I proposed to them the idea of playing with the pride of the players of all the less known Sports in the club, and in Spain. They show themselves proud beacause they’re covinced that Nike is going to be Barça main sponsor… because of them.
All the characters in the spots are real players. Originally we were going to make a multisport piece, with hockey, baseball, rugby, ice skating and golf.
The funniest segment ended up being the baseball one, so it turned out that we made an individual sport just with the baseball theme.

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