At first glance, this is a music story. Let’s say it looks like a portrait of three musicians making music, trying to "make it" despite the disagreements, personal obstacles and all around bulls**t standing in the way. But like any good story - just like any good music, there’s always more than one layer.

This is a story about what it means to be from working class Hamilton, Ontario - a city where the sheets wash out a little greyer than most. This is a story about what it means to be just another punk band from Canada's historical hotbed of punk; what it means to be a woman today in a post feminist world where women don’t want to be called feminists and ultimately what it means to be a working-woman with a family and a passion.

Erase your conception of punk as only safety pins, snarls and one note bass lines. Is there anything more firmly rooted in punk rock ethos than a woman making it on her own terms, DIY and calling the shots when the odds are completely stacked against her?

At the core, this is a character study of three women that come to the gig with a few rough edges: nasty addictions and long overdue recoveries, resentments and hopes, families and a dream. One believes she can have it all, one is happy enough with her life as it is and the other wants to drive the dream until the wheels fall off.

Self described as “Whore Core” - it wouldn’t be Pantychrist if it weren’t a little dirty and a little rough. Strap in and enjoy the ride through The Rise of Pantychrist: A Portrait of a Band.

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