'radical voku' is a research strain for our project 'roots + wires: take me as we are'. This project is under development through the auspices of a 3-month Artist residency at Incheon Art Platform, near Seoul, South Korea.

In Germany, a Voku is a people's kitchen, or a kind of cheap but tasty buffet. We plan to source edible rhizomes (ginger, wasabi, lotus, bamboo, turmeric) and cook them with people at IAP. 'You are what you eat' is apropos here, as we (perhaps) all become a little more radical through the consumption of rhizomatic plants. By holding co-cooking sessions with people, where we learn from each other, co-design new recipes, discuss the philosophy, eat some tasty meals, and publish our collective results in a cookbook(!), we will work towards embodying and manifesting this theory.

This video documents our initial research into cooking with rhizomes. More to follow!
Music: Walk in the Black Forest by Horst Jankowski


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