Nissan's luxury arm Infiniti gives its flagship Coupé the top-chop treatment.

Just in time for summer, Infiniti unleashes the G37 convertible, which just screams road trip. Sublimely sleek, sexy and seductive, the G37 is an absolutely stunning car.

The G37 Convertible has been designed from the outset with one goal in mind: to excite the senses.

The Infiniti G37 goes topless

It was that stimulation of senses what TMW/London was looking for when they asked us to create the fifth film in the series of the Infiniti visualiser films. The agency wanted to show the convertible both closed and opened, without, however, showing a CG human driver.

The splendid silhouette of the G37 is perfectly proportioned, looking just as striking with the three-piece folding hard-top up or down, while the performance promised by the potent engine is guaranteed to delight. To embrace the full package we programmed our own vehicle dynamics simulation software especially for this film.

Following the trail of Hannibal, an alpine scenario was picked to present the car in beautiful scenery while showing driving pleasure and excitement. We went on a three day travel to the Alps to acquire 360-degree HDR images and textures.

Please join our ride through the Alps -not with elephants- but with a drop top that is a class of its own.

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