This is Part One (of three) of my 2004 video, "Crisis Communication: Guidelines for Action," made jointly with my wife and colleague Jody Lanard. In January 2012 the American Industrial Hygiene Association stopped selling the video, and the rights reverted to me, enabling me to put it on Vimeo.

Part One introduces where Jody and I think crisis communication fits in risk communication (high hazard, high outrage), and then discusses the first six of our 25 crisis communication recommendations:
1. Don’t over-reassure.
2. Put reassuring information in subordinate clauses.
3. Err on the alarming side.
4. Acknowledge uncertainty.
5. Share dilemmas.
6. Acknowledge opinion diversity.

The next segment -- Part Two -- is at It covers recommendations 7 through 16.

A complete set of handouts to accompany this video is on my website at

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