While Kill the Vultures (killthevultures.com) albums are truly masterpieces in their own right, I feel the only proper way to absorb the group is to watch them live, so I filmed their show featuring Andrew Broder of Fog / Cloak Ox improvising behind his mad beat scientist set-up for the world to enjoy. This video is cut into 2 parts, because I enjoy high quality media and didn't want cheapen the experience with any less than 100% quality.

(Part 1: vimeo.com/35552422)
1. Moonshine
2. Dirty Hands
3. The Spider's Eyes
4. Untitled
5. Careless Flame

(Part 2: vimeo.com/35751571)
6. Untitled
7. Vermillion
8. Freestyle
9. Beasts of Burden
10. Freestyle

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