In The Tenth Planet a shuttle was used by a Cyberman landing party in 1985 to negotiate with Earth authorities at Snowcap base. In Silver Nemesis a different shuttle was used by a task-force of Cybermen led by the Cyber-Leader, charged with the task of retrieving the Nemesis statue in 1988 to use in taking control of Earth.
In The Moonbase a large saucer-shaped ship was used by the Cybermen in their take-over of the Moonbase, hidden behind some mountains quite a distance from the base. The ship and the Cybermen invasion-force were both thrown off into space by the Gravitron device they wished to capture.
The Invasion
Thousands of Cyber-Warships made up the Cyber fleet. The first attempted invasion of the Cyber-Fleet was some time before 1970, when the Cybermen spear-headed an invasion of Earth with help from Tobias Vaughn and his company, International Electromatics. The fleet was destroyed by a barrage of RAF missiles and a Russian rocket fitted with a nuclear warhead.
Silver Nemesis
The second invasion was in 1988, where they were intent on making the planet the new Mondas. It was destroyed by the Nemesis statue.

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