-Sicily unveiled presents "Palermo: Villa Giulia unveiled"-
In Palermo at an apex of its artistic maturity, full of artists and architects of first order, including many priests, the eighteenth-century dreams of a golden age: restorations and embellishments everywhere, integration of peripheral areas once considered only as off the walls and now opened to a public use inside the city, etc.. So come the gardens, to be enjoyed by the citizens freely! a significant interpretation for the common people in town, of what the famous villas were in the countryside for the exclusive life of the gentry. Villa Giulia is a magnificent testament of this collective awareness, of the changing of times. The city's elite engaged in a process of absolute generosity towards the people: education, recreation and entertainment, an invitation either to a personal reflection than to socialization. Villa Giulia, unveiled, is a moving evocation of a happy season of Palermo and Sicily.

Starring: Jean Paul Barreaud
Director: Gabriele Gismondi
Director of photography: Alessio Algeri
Duration: 20 min.
Year: 2012

"Sicily Unveiled" is a video documentaries series for Publishing, Web & TV by Jean Paul Barreaud / Gabriele Gismondi / Alessio Algeri in collaboration with LED-Engineers.

Facebook: Sicilia svelata/Sicily unveiled

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