This is a medieval adventure short film, with touches of action and comedy, but whether you're spellbound with tension or laughing, hopefully it'll provide you with some entertainment.
Thanks to my ever-loyal friends who double as actors.

Shot over the summer of 2010 in England on a budget of next to nothing.

The script was thrown together in between filming, and many parts of it were improvised on 'set'...we never planned to make it more than a couple of scenes, and then it grew from there....Again, its another example of trying things out and learning from the oft-made mistakes to come out with something better.

Due to a wide range of issues the shoot was divided up over several months, and we encountered pretty much every problem during and after filming you can hope to have, but in spite of all the ups and downs, it taught me a great deal, and armed me for the future and gave me the ability to cope with all kinds of situations.

Filmed mainly on the Canon 7D (With the Zeiss 50mm 1.4, Sigma 30mm 1.8, and I believe a sigma 18-something)
With additional footage shot on the Panasonic GH1(Canon FD 35-70mm, Canon FD f1.4 50mm) and Panasonic GH2 & kit lens.

Apologies if the quality of this file isn't fantastic, due to the size of the files allowed on regular vimeo accounts I decided to put out a 720p compressed version, it looks better in its original form, and I may upload that when I upgrade my membership.

Additional music by the excellent Kevin Macleod ('Rites' and 'The Pyre') (

Extra special thanks to my mum for helping with the costumes!

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