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What is Light Therapy? As Dr. David Greenberg M.D. explains in this three-minute video, lighttherapy is a treatment for Winter Blues

In regions that experience shorter daylight hours, 90% of us experience some of the symptoms of Winter Blues. We slow down and find it difficult to wake up in the morning. We tend to eat more carbohydrates and put on weight. Our energy, enthusiasm and productivity may drop off as well. Five percent of us suffer from a more severe form of Winter Blues known as winter depression or Seasonal Disorder SAD. Those of us with Seasonal Disorder SAD may feel constantly down, extremely fatigued, and experience a decrease in our libido. We may find it harder to concentrate and withdraw from friends and family, causing problems at work or at home.

As Dr. Greenberg explains, doctors have long known that light is important for our health and that when we don’t get enough of it at the right times of day our mood can get affected, causing mood disorders. What is mood disorder and its relation to light? Essentially, light affects our mood through its impact on our body clock. With our body clock thrown out of whack, we may feel, to varying degrees, any of the symptoms of light deficiency—sadness, lethargy, over-sleeping, carb craving, over-eating, weight gain, difficulty concentrating and diminished libido. Lighttherapy works to make us feel better by helping us regulate our body clock.

Various other conditions, such as shift work, jet lag and working indoors can deprive us of light, which affects our biorhythms and hormone levels, ultimately throwing off our body clock.

Using YumaLite light for SAD to replace the lost light in our life can help us keep our body clock working as it should so that we feel more like we would during the spring and summer.

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