BINTUS 'Advanced Fuel'

Power Vaccum 2012

Moving Image by Julian Hand

Power Vacuum is a new label from Milo Smee. Tracking an irregular path since '95 from Techno to Prog Rock and back again; Kruton, Binary Chaffinch, Chrome Hoof, 5 Mic Cluster, Booze and Invincible Scum have been some of the vehicles involved.

Note on the footage used in this video:

This footage was found by myself whilst at art collage some ten years ago during the great analog to digital switch over. Whole editing suites were being ripped out ejected and replaced, as was all the old equipment (cameras/projectors/splicers etc) in the once coveted store cupboards.

Equipment considered obsolescent found its unfortunate way to the skip and from there the scrap heap, the sad fate of the analog editing suite.

During this time I found myself foraging amongst the skips looking for equipment I may be able to save.

Amongst other things I found many reels of 16mm and S8mm film. One of which was the reel of footage you now see here used in the video for ‘Advanced Fuel’. The footage was original shot on Super 8mm as a document of the various sculptures the artist chose to exhibit. The identity of the artist is unknown; as is the date of the exhibition and year the film was shot.

Ten years on since rescuing the film from the fate of a land fill the footage of this amazing set of sculptures now finds a new audience and lease of life.

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