This is just a test of my new camera: Sony VG-20. The begining of 2012 was especially mild in northwest of Spain (Galicia). This video is sort of an abstract of one of those days at the seaside.

Camera: Sony VG20
Settings: almost everything in automatic.
Lens: standard Sony NEX SEL18-200 lens, except the shooting of sleepy Pablito: I used the Sony SAL50mmf1.4 with the Sony LA-EA2 Adapter with manual focus and 1.4 aperture (with autofocus ON, the LA-EA2 adapter sets the aperture to f 3.5, or higher if the lens doesn't go that low).
I removed the sound. In fact, I didn't pay attention to that. I didn't add any sound track either.

I did not use a tripod or any kind of mount, that's why some parts of the shooting are shaky. Sorry, my hand is not stable enough. This is more evident in the moon shooting (done with a 200 mm focal length) at the end of the video.

Shooting was in 25p. Sometimes I had to set the shutter speed at 1/500 o even lower to use the full aperture under the bright sun to test the bokeh effect of the lens.

The gain was set at 0.

I didn't do any further processing but simply cut and paste the clips in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5. No problems at all importing the AVCHD clips directly from the card to Premiere.

I used a Macbook pro with i7 and 8 GB memory, but RUNNING WINDOWS 7-64!

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