The earth’s crust is divided into several huge tectonic plates, and most of the volcanic activities occur in this plate. One of the most volcanically active zones in the world is the Ring of Fire zone that extends from the America’s west coast, through the archipelago of Aleutian Alaska and down to the east coast of Asia.

Krakatau is the name of an island on the Sunda Straits as well as a cluster of the Krakatau islands. Above this cluster of islands during the prehistoric time a volcano soared reaching 2,000 meter high. An eruption in 416 AD/destroyed and sank over two-thirds of Krakatau. The eruption left three small islands Rakata Island Sertung Island and Panjang Island.

The growth of lava inside the Rakata caldera formed two volcanic islands the Danan and Perbuatan. On August 27, 1883/a massive eruption destroyed about 60 percent of Krakatau’s center forming a caldera about 7 km wide in diameter The explosion was 21,574 times that of an atomic bomb, the death tolls from the tsunami reached 36,417 people.

Underwater volcanic activities continued and in 1927 through 1929 a crater wall emerged from the sea as the result from the eruption. The rise continues to this day forming an island called Anak Krakatau.

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