Produced and Directed by Serena Kerrigan.
Associate Producer, Christopher Santiago.

During my junior year, I started making a feature-length documentary, entitled "9 Digits", about undocumented students, living in the United States, and their experience applying to college.
Growing up, I became increasingly aware of the growing numbers of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. I became particularly interested in undocumented students my own age and wondered what their lives were like, what obstacles they faced, if they could go to college and, ultimately, what they wanted to accomplish with their lives. My curiosity led me to join the New York State Youth Leadership Council. The N.Y.S.Y.L.C. is an organization, run by undocumented youth, dedicated to the passage of the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation which will give undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship.
Soon after joining the N.Y.S.Y.L.C., the topic of my documentary came into focus: to specifically examine the obstacles facing undocumented youth who wish to attend college. Although it is not a mandatory requirement to have a social security number in order to attend university, the lack of one prevents a student from receiving federal financial aid, which in turn makes university unaffordable for many, if not most, undocumented students.
I hope to release "9 Digits" late spring 2012. Enjoy!

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