Teaser for the 2-channel video piece "Empire: Bakermat (Meanwhile in Holland)"

"Empire: Bakermat (Meanwhile in Holland)" presents two separate documentary films which share one soundtrack. Both stories play out in and around Schiphol airport.

Theo is responsible for the mortuary at Schiphol. Each year he coordinates the transport of about 2000 bodies to and from The Netherlands. Many of the deceased are Dutch citizens who were born elsewhere, including in former Dutch colonies. Their last wish was to be buried in their country of origin. The mortuary, and Schiphol itself, is a globalized version of the mythical Styx river, and Theo is the ferryman Charon who helps the dead with their passage.

Meanwhile, on the edges of Schiphol, Dutch airplane spotters camp out with their cameras and binoculars to see their favourite planes take off and land. From the flat landscape the airplanes glisten as symbols of liberation.

"Empire: Bakermat" was first shown at CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam in January 2012. Made with the support of Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Stichting FLAT, CBK Zuidoost and the Mondriaan Fonds.

"Empire: Bakermat" is part of the "Empire" project. To learn more, visit sinisterhumanists.tumblr.com/

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