a dancefilm inspired by the photography of Francesca Woodman

written, directed, and edited by Fannie Hungerford and Joshua Dumas

Nicole Morford
Elizabeth Bergman, Sarah Carusona, Emily Hinkler, Mareva Minerbi,
Jennifer Pray, Samuel Summer, Alicia Weidner

cinematography by Kaitlyn Busbee, Alex Richard, Joshua Dumas

production assistance by Katie Hargrave

choreography by Fannie Hungerford
music by Joshua Dumas

A dance film inspired by the photography of Francesca Woodman. Laurel (Nicole Morford) embarks on a journey of introspection and interaction, in hopes of better understanding herself. In crumbling buildings and wooded plains she meets a band of huntresses that guide her as she turns a mirror inward. The film is a collaboration between Iowa City-based choreographer Fannie Hungerford and Chicago-based composer Joshua Dumas. Its story is told through music and movement; we see Laurel dance, collide, collapse, rebound, using her strength and grace for self-discovery.

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