Here is footage of my run down route #4c of the "Hunters Excape Route" on Doi Suthep.

The run starts at 5000ft and drops to 1000ft and is steep with loads of rock gardens, ruts, roots and drops. Was definitely the most technical downhill run ive ever seen.

The gopro doesnt really do the track any justice and makes it all look pretty flat and not that bumpy... but after an hour my arms were like jelly and then about 30 mins after that they just gave up completely at the bottom of a rocky section.. Ended up knocking the wind out of myself pretty bad and couldnt breath at all for about 30 seconds and then couldnt get a regular breath for about 5 minutes after that.

Have a laugh at me making some involuntary noises while trying to get my breath back.

Deffo wanna get back to Chiang Mai and get it finished.

Cheers to guys at

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