filmed and edited by Jon Armendariz // NewYorkFilmworks
Check out their Rock the Dress NYC film@

What I really enjoyed about Ginger and Ilya's wedding (aside from getting to work with such an awesome couple!) was their unique wedding location, which had tons of character and an old world charm not typically found in other NYC wedding venues. Part of the difficulties encountered when shooting a wedding alone, especially on DSLRs, is knowing that you must make decisions throughout the day about what you must capture and what can be sacrificed. Because I already knew how excited Ginger and Ilya were about their choice in wedding venue, my focus shifted slightly; not only to capture the couple, formalities and their families but also to find a way to incorporate this unique space into their wedding film as well. I couldn't get many detailed shots of the decor and character of the venue itself since I was constantly running from room to room capturing both the bride and groom prep. solo, but knew I had to find ways to really showcase the space.

I was able to set up a lock down shot for the ceremony with my assistant to watch over, which allowed me to get more creative with my shots. I decided to incorporate as much movement, via my Glidecam HD4000 for the processional and later during the first dance to allow enough motion (change) to my background in hopes of giving each viewer a greater sense of what 632 on Hudson is like.

Their ceremony was officiated by a friend of theirs, who did a great job keeping the crowd engaged. Ginger and Ilya's story on how they first met told by their friend provided the perfect voice over for this film along with the personalized written vows to one another.



for my fellow filmmakers:

Color grading was extremely difficult in this highlights film. There were a total of 7 shifts in scenes, all with different kinds of lighting situations: (1) day light (indoors), (2) bride/groom prep (dark rooms with some natural lighting and much needed artificial lighting: room lamps) (3) outdoor session (really sunny) (4) short outdoor session(clouds and rain) (5) outdoor session at night (6) sub floor/basement of venue, low ceiling with harsh spot lights and lamps (7) reception venue (indoors, night). Keeping the colors consistent throughout this entire highlights film was done via 3-way color wheel, FCP's color balance and the program COLOR. Also added a slight green and blue tint to the Shadows while in Compressor. Can't say it was an easy tweak but well worth the effort, I think.


Shot on Canon 5D MKII (1) and 7D (1)
(1) Jon , (1) Kavita

24, 50, 70-200 L series lenses + Zeiss 100
Glidecam HD4000 paired w/ 24 and 100mm but mostly the 50mm.
One tripod for ceremony + one monopod throughout the day.
Edirol and H4N for audio (glad to have moved away from our Sennheiser wireless systems)


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