This is a video I made for Cedarville's 125th Anniversary.
Check out the blog post here:


Narrator: Matthew Moore
Interviews: Dr. Paul Dixon
Dr. Bill Brown
Dr. James Jeremiah
Producer: Joel Tomkinson
Writer: Jodi Jackson
Editor, Videographer: Bradey Jobson
Videographer: Heather Jobson
Audio Engineer: Taylor Valarik
Archives: Lynn Brock
1990's footage: Dick Kindig
Titles: Zac Dixon

Special Thanks to:
Bob Rohm, Chad Jackson, 125th Anniversary Committee

"Awakening" bholland, Istockphoto
"Magic Times" mitja2, Istockphoto
"Nostalgic Journey" brownhousemedia, iStockphoto
"Upbeat pop orchestra track" brownhousemedia, iStockphoto

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