Play the game of life - it began in Afrika
You have left 12000 cheetahs and 2500 tigers to play with

audio: It Began In Afrika - The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us (2002)
video remix:
A Caccia di Veleni - Animal Planet
African Savanna - Pim Niesten
Animal Gangsta
Big Cat Rescue
Big Game Diaries - National Geographic
Buffalo Spear Hunting in Africa
Buffalo Warrior
Dangerous Encounters - National Geographic
Earth - Walt Disney
King Lion Under Attack - BBC
I Serpenti dell'Africa - National Geographic
La Guerre Du Feu - Jean-Jacques Annaud
Lions Hunt and Lions Kills Hyena
Lions Of The African Night - National Geographic
Lions v Hyenas
Luchadores - Animal Planet
Persistence Hunt
Roar - National Geographic
Sahara Wonderland - Zooming
Savana Violenta - National Geographic
2001 A Space Odissey - Stanley Kubrick
The Light Of Life
The Most Extreme on Animal Planet "Killer Cats"
The Serengeti - BBC
The Truth About Tigers - Shekar Dattatri

edit by Fabio Di Donato

also in Life Cut, a movie by Fabio Di Donato and Alessandra Mosca

"As long as humans think that animals don’t feel, animals have to feel that humans don’t think"
Please join any initiative to preserve wildlife

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