This is a reload of recoils performance FROST. Now containing the full performance. If you wish to see a 5 min trailer of the performance, please go to:

Frost is a dance and software art performance, where the warm intensity of the body contrasts with the frozen imprints left behind. It is a performance about memory.
It consists of a history of moments and meetings, which is compounded by sharply defined and organically vibrant graphics leaving visual evidence or trace of where the movements took place.

The performance won a Danish performing arts award in 2010. It has been touring in Denmark with great success and is now getting ready for international touring.
To see more information about recoil and FROST please go to:

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Video and software artist: Jonas Jongejan, Ole Kristensen
Light design: Andreas Buhl
Composer: Jens Hørsving
Costumes: Charlotte Østergård
Dancers: Nelson R R Smith, Stinna Malmgreen, Minna Berglund, Luca Marazia, Ana Sendas and Csongor Szabo.
Commissioned and produced by Danish Dance Theatre

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