The music for this version was essentially created by the DJ Robert Racic. It was popular at the time but has not had the longevity of the original.

This video was created using a number of hand coded MSDOS programs running on a 486DX, written by some clever Australian programmers including James McParlane (the text generator) and 'Zaph Torps' (the plasma and fire effects). The PC had a very expensive and nowadays very primitive ///FAST Movie Machine 2 display card that could process live PAL video signals - badly. It could overlay PC graphics over an incoming signal with a chromakey or fade, with hard pixel edges. I think it ran at about 384 by 288 pixels, with precious little overscan as can seen.

The clip was purposefully dirty, strobed and harsh. I wanted minimum colour and to be the opposite of the colourful techno clip aesthetic. The TV stations obliged my reactionary spirit by 'failing to broadcast it' citing the strobing and sexual content. Nevertheless the single reached the national top 20.

I'm most fond of the collection of random images on each drum roll - you get Rome, a rockmelon and a jet plane as well as other plausible secret meanings. I put these kinds of things in videos to see if anyone is curious. No one is ever curious.

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