The following is the first video update posted to our IndieGoGo campaign for our short film, "Nicky".

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So we are officially one full week in and have already raised $940! Thank you so much to everyone who has made a contribution and to all of those who have passed around the link! With your continued support we believe this will be a very successful campaign!

To show our sincere appreciation, we’ve decided to release some VERY early test footage that was shot a few weeks ago. The purpose of the footage was to properly time out part of the narration which will be taking place during a sequence in the first act of the film. We felt it would be great to share it with you to not only give you some greater insight into the story, but also so that you may compare what’s here to what will actually appear in the finished movie (you may even recognize a few shots that we were able to sneak into the teaser).

A few things to note:

--This piece of narration belongs to a larger sequence, which begins with the main character leaving a bar. We pick up the scene as the Narrator is returning home.

--At one point, the Narrator is watching television. We used the television in the shot just as a frame of reference; what he’ll actually be watching in the scene when it’s shot for production may play a large part in what happens later in the film.

--Similarly, we also used a Polaroid in the scene just as a frame of reference. At this point, we hadn’t produced a print of the “Nicky” picture (which you’ll see often throughout the finished movie).

--Lastly, the finished sequence will include the actor playing Nicky; albeit very, very briefly.

We hope you enjoy this test footage and please continue to help us spread the word about “Nicky”! Thanks so much stay tuned for more updates!

-Door Eleven Productions

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