MediaMotion Ball attendees share why they love this great production industry user event.

First held in 1998 the MediaMotion Ball is now the premier event for post production, motion graphics, 3D and anyone in the production field attending NAB.
Everyone is welcome. We have attendees from various email groups and online forums.

The IMUG and After Effects email lists form the basis of the MediaMotion Ball.

Additionally, we have attendees from numerous web forums, Editor and Motion Graphic User groups from around the world, Pixelcorps, Digital Media Artists-LA, MoPictive, The Compression List, DLF, The Vidpro list, FxPhD, the blogging community and many, many more.

This video was shot at the 14th MediaMotion Ball in April 2011.

Shot on: Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 60D, and Panasonic AF-100.
Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5
Mograph in: Adobe After Effects CS 5.5
Graded in: DaVinci Resolve 8.1.1
Mixed in: Adobe Audition CS 5.5
Music by: Smartsound
Encoded in: Adobe Media Encoder

Camera: Eric Darling-eThree Media, Steve Oakley-Logix Media, Duncan Harvey & Al Kane-DG Media
Audio: David Lavery, Doug Snyder, Tim Jerkovich
Interviewer: Piers Goodhew
Animation: Angie Taylor
Edit/Grade/Mix: Carey Dissmore

Featuring appearances by:
Paul Babb
Scott Simmons
Shane Ross
Tim Clapham
Rick Barrett
Nick Campbell
Michele Yamazaki
Jeff Handy
Keith Larsen
Greg Clarke
Philip Hodgetts
Pete Litwinowicz
Dan Spiess
Wes Plate
Walter Biscardi
Albert Chu
Kaspar Ko
Terry Frechette
Michelle Higginson
Steve Griffiths
Aharon Rabinowitz
Cara Heck
Mike Brady
Doug Snyder
Tim Jerkovich
Steve Kilisky
Kelli DiCosta
David Simons
Brian Maffitt
Mark Coleran
Zax Dow
Chelsea Nicole
Carl Larsen
Jayse Hansen
Angie Taylor
Elaine Montoya
Becky Padilla
Tracey White
John Dickinson
Jim Kanter
Dr. Sassi
Jason Stelzel
Andrew Kramer
Sam Loya
Carey Dissmore
Trish Meyer
Peder Norrby
Steve Roche
Steve Forde
Jim Courtney
Steve Zaransky
Dave Bittner
Ben Daube
Mark Christiansen
Karl Newman
Piers Goodhew
Ross Martin
Bruce Sharpe
Tony Cacciarelli
Philip Roy
Dean Cleary

…and many, many more.

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