World-renowned artist Max Gimblett will discuss the creative process he undertook in the work of Oxherding. See the paintings, learn his process, and leave inspired.

Gund Gallery, Kenyon College
October 29, 2011-March 4, 2012

In Song-Dynasty China, a set of poems and pictures was created to illustrate the Buddhist path toward enlightenment. These historical works, known as “The Ten Oxherding Pictures,” are given new form and consideration in Oxherding.

An intensive collaboration between New York-based artist Max Gimblett and Lewis Hyde, Oxherding presents ten sumi ink paintings by Gimblett and three different English translations by Hyde of each of the 10 poems in the Chinese

Oxherding Pictures. Several collaborative sketchbooks are also featured.

Hyde, a professor of creative writing at Kenyon College and Harvard University, is also a poet, essayist and cultural critic. His books include Common as Air: Revolution,

Art, and Ownership and The Gift, a seminal work on the value of creativity in the modern world.

Gimblett’s vibrant, shaped paintings and works on paper have been exhibited at venues internationally, such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of New Zealand and Art Miami. In mid-September 2011,

Gimblett will present a solo exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum as part of the institution’s Word of God project.

Max Gimblett's website:

Lewis Hyde's

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