Dance theater piece made and performed by Florencia Demestri and Piergiorgio Milano.

Inspired by the book of R.D. Laing

Recorded at Deltebre Dance Festival 2011 Spain.

“Cross a real door to enter in a child’s drawing.”
Inside a simple childish form we bring the game of adult cruelty; the violence of lying and of
seducing to overcome situations.
Reading the book of R.D.Laing is like assisting to an intimate review. His verses and
conversations go straight to some of our deepest worries, aggressions and puzzles.
We choose to work towards a tiny balance between meaning and form. We want to develop a
lucid and bizarre body language with a minimal but layered aesthetic.
We want to confront the audience with the image of a reality deviated by a deep craziness,
letting go all our judgment about values. Our goal is to push the imagination of the audience
toward its bigger complexity; giving them the possibility to decide which is the true key to
read the piece.

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