Points of interest in relation to today. The Boom of the 1920's yet signs of oncoming decline. The quick and easy availability of credit that had never been available to people, other than the rich.

Urbanization and the rush of the new immigrants (non Western Europeans at the time) and Mexicans to cities like Detroit. Brief prosperity to these people for the first time due to industrialization and the rise of consumerism of the non-wealthy.

Corporate tightening up policies as competition increased making workers move to slave like labour.

How Jews were being demonized at the time by the powerful business leaders (and by society at large) as well as being held accountable for the decline of christian values. This propagated primarily by the business elite.

Creeping income inequality and rising unemployment. Growing temporary layoffs and precarious employment, especially for those over 40.

The eventual crash of the stock market. Failure of people to realize the depression was actually happening.

Rising unemployment, as government help was not given because of ideology, became profound.

Protest and social unrest. The rapidly deteriorating situation. Extreme poverty. Police violence towards protestors and deaths.

Reliance on charity instead of government help due to ideology of government and elite.

The prevalence and control by big business as the main source of power as government had little influence. The ongoing profits of the wealthy while more and more fell into poverty.

The rise of a loud, yet small, group of American communists and the help the communist gave these people. Americans joined out of increasing poverty and starvation. Small, but loud protests in the street. Systemic violence by the police to control the protests.

Liberal ideology ruled and demanded reliance on the self and the lies and propaganda by the government.

The belief propagated by Big Business and Government that "Trickle down economics" was the solution. It was a dismal failure and decline continued. The government's attempt to create jobs yet neglect the social welfare system. Proved useless and decline of economy and suffering continued. Sound vaguely familiar?

Why the fuk after almost a century does the West believe these policies work when they've been proven wrong time and time again? See part 2, it gets worse before it gets better.

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