Urban Terrarium - 3 screen Video Installation
Created by Allison Moore 2011
Sound: Arthur Desmarteaux
Produced at Oboro New Media Labs [Montreal, QC]
Funded by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Urban Terrarium is a video assemblage combining hundreds of layers of live-action video, drawn animation, and photo collage to create a panoramic videoscape of a fantastical metropolis. Based on cities I have visited and translated through my imagination, it is neither a past, present or future space but a hybrid world mashed up by pop media and globalization, and inspired by the paintings of Breughel and Bosch. The layers are composited together in After Effects to create a 3 x HD widescreen cityscape, projected as one seamless panoramic. Habitants are lost in the details of the metropolitan resembling ants in their terrarium farm.

Thanks to all the amazing people who volunteered to be in my city.

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