Creating Deformers in ICE
ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) is a nodal environment inside Autodesk Softimage that can do a range of different things. You can use it to create custom deformers, animate particles, rig characters, simulate fluids, and even generate crowds.
It doesn’t matter what you want to do with ICE, there is a set of concepts and nodes that you need to know and understand in order to get going with the tool.
Concepts like data types and data context, order of evaluation, vectors, matrices, arrays, locations and so on...
In this training we are going to build 3 custom deformers. We will start with the easy ones and learn the most basic concepts in ICE. As we move on to more complex deformations, the understanding of more complex concepts will feel natural to you, since you already have your feet wet.
You will find out that with less effort then you thought you can create and deploy custom deformers that extend the capability of what you can do in both modeling and animation. Not only that but the concepts learned here are most valuable for anything else you want to do inside ICE.

● Chapter 01: What ICE is and what can it do?
● Chapter 02: My First Deformer, getting, setting and editing point positions
● Chapter 03: Spherizer, we outline the features and then implement it.
● Chapter 04: Local and World Spaces
● Chapter 05: Matrices and what can you use matrice operations for...
● Chapter 06: Compound ‘s interface. Understanding how to expose our node’s parameter and make them as user-friendly as possible.
● Chapter 07: Squash & Stretch. We outline the features, and then try to understand the math needed to solve this problem (not as trivial as the first one) and finally implement our results. We then go over how to deform around a specific pivot.
● Chapter 08: Collide Deformer, we outline the features, understand what are and how to work with Locations and Arrays. We then implement our tool.

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