For years, Marshall Salzman, a retired architect living in Boca Raton, Florida, has been folding and handing out origami birds. He gives them mostly to children in restaurants, but also to waiters, cashiers, hospital nurses, neighbors at the townhouse pool—pretty much everyone he comes into contact with is liable to get a bird. By a conservative estimate he’s given out 20,000 of them over the years. My grandfather spent his whole life making things. He’s an accomplished artist and sculptor who built houses and furniture, toys and gazebos. In 1955 he was profiled in the Chicago Tribune when he built a double-masted forty-five-foot yacht in his backyard. Folding a dozen birds a day engages his creative energies, and handing them out is a constant source of joyful interactions with the people around him.

Marc Maximov took his first class at CDS in 2006. He was fortunate to get a position as a night manager the next year; this sidetracked him from his pursuit of the Certificate in Documentary Arts but kept him immersed in the world of documentary, for which he has developed an unhealthy obsession. He helps out on various CDS projects, and also works at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, which he’s been attending since 2001. A class on audio documentary at the Center got him started on another of his many vocational pursuits, as a sound designer for local theater companies; as well, he is a frequent contributor to the Independent Weekly.

Marc Maximov earned the Certificate in Documentary Arts at the Center for Documentary Studies in December 2011.

Read more about the fall 2011 Certificate in Documentary Arts graduates and their projects at .

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