I invited the librarians to participate in different performances within their working spaces and to let me into their houses. At the gallery Muro de Carne, the public played with the paper in the installation.
Librarian Jorge Paredes realized his duties as a librarian but in the space of the gallery.
Librarian Pedro Carmona is covered with paper in his office for a video art piece.
Librarian Marco Antonio Condor shared information he wanted people to know about in front of the camera and provided his definition of art.
Librarian Nelly Bobbio accepted my invitation for a cultural exchange allowing me into her house. She shared information about her job as a librarian. I shared information about my art practice. After that she realized a sculpture performance with her body and the furniture of her house.
Librarians participated in the videos building sculptures with books, singing and practicing their hobbies during their working hours.

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