Marvel Cinestyle 3.4
50mm 1.8 with macro attachment and diffusion filter
Sharpness +2
Contrast -3
Saturation -2

Graded in magic bullet mojo 

The purpose of me doing this test video was to establish a work flow that is quick and easy to grade while giving me lots of flexibility. I used a diffusion filter (I can't tell you which one ^_^) to help remove edge sharpness which basically helps save your bitrate and protects you from compression issues that comes with tack sharp images. Especially with prime lenses. Even though most videographers speak against it I shot with +2 sharpness. The point of doing this is to capture detail without it being over sharpened.Your going to lose some of that detail when you upload it to vimeo or youtube anyway, you need to save as much as you can. It's better to get as much done in camera per compression than in post. Another benefit of doing so is for when you use noise reduction (you should use noise reduction in all your videos it helps reduce the effects of banding) you will retain some sort of sharpness in your image. I used magic bullet mojo to grade because once again the purpose of doing this was to be able to put together a quick look. I have no time to fiddle with color grading all day. Last but not least if you look at the file size (which is 27 mb) it speaks volumes as to why you should shoot flat (in a linear space instead of log). Once you add contrast most of the data of the image is discarded and when you compress it upon exporting it will in turn make your video file size smaller and you dont see those blocky artifacts.

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