Marseille, France

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I'm a french coach and author who decided to change and re-designed completely his life in 2009. Now, I do what I love, I work everywhere and live as I want. I'm a professional coach working for companies, attorneys, sport champions, musicians or simple individuals who want to improve their lives. I wrote French management and coaching books. Other will come through my blog. In my personal life, I also draw mangas super-heros, I play electric guitar as I'm proud of being a musician, I'm a kung-fu addict and love to go swimming and spearfishing in France, Spain in Corsica waters. What am I gonna do now ? I'm gonna live my passions, talk about them, connect them to my skills and write coaching books to help people answer this question : Now that we are here, what are we going to do for the Next 35 forthcoming Years ?

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