The best DVD about the most famous icon of Holland, The Windmill!!

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This unique DVD celebrates the famous icon of Holland with a monumental story in four episodes. It's the first DVD that focusses on the stories behind the windmills. These stories, past and present, will delight, amaze and even inspire viewers.
The Story of Dutch Windmills unveils the historical realities that bore the famous icon of Holland. For centuries, drainage windmills have allowed Dutch people to live well below sea level. This DVD explains why this land has sunk, and continues to sink, and how the Dutch responded to the threat of flood waters.

It also tells the remarkable story of the rise of the Dutch Republic in the 17th century as an industrial power as well as a seafaring nation of international merchants. Industrial windmills, as seen at the Zaanse Schans today, were at the very core of these developments. These Big Wooden machines sparked an industrial revolution as they harnessed the power of the wind to produce a range of key products.

The Story of Dutch Windmills deals with the past and the present of these intriguing monuments. Viewers are presented with intimate portrayals of contemporary millers continuing the work of generations of millers before them. Their enthusiasm commands respect and is a true source of inspiration. The DVD also contains stories on flour mills, watermills and even a unique working horse mill. These are a reminder of the fact that the Story of Dutch Windmills is part of a wider history which is shared in many countries across the globe. This history is essentially about inventiveness and resourcefulness. It may well inspire viewers in their focus on the environmental challenges of the present.

The Story of Dutch Windmills is above all intended to entertain the viewer. The producers want to paint their picture in rich colours. Thus, well over 100 windmills from across the Netherlands and Belgium have been filmed for this project. Including those at the Zaanse Schans and Kinderdijk. The DVD also contains unique historical footage.

A bonus feature, finally, concludes with interesting observations on the Dutch conception of "our" landscape by Herman Pleij, a leading authority on collective mentalities in Dutch history. Windmills do, after all, belong to the world of the painter artists, too.

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