Gateway Central is a part of Gateway Church in Austin, TX. We meet Sunday Nights @ 6pm, and our winter series spans from January 22nd - March 4th at Red River Church. College Students, High School Students, and Working Adults are all encouraged to join us in Central Austin.

Featured today is Eric Bryant, our South/Central Campus pastor, as he brings a unique message on community, flawed characters, and the capacity of being heroic by referencing the TV Show "Lost", the book of Judges, and little league baseball.

Eric Bryant also writes for his own blog here:

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Editor's Notes:
*Audio is better this week, but there are still a few technical areas that we are getting used to. If you notice changes in audio then this is normal.
*On that note, you will notice the song Josh and Jeremy Olsen (The Olsen Twins) is using the in-camera audio. This is because the captured audio wasn't leveled correctly. Unfortunately this means you will hear my voice near the end singing along, and I have to apologize for that as I didn't know it would be included in the edit. Thankfully it doesn't go on for very long.
*The jump you notice halfway through the message is not an issue with your computer. There was a cut made in editing.

Intro song:
"I know what it is to trudge" by Ideas and Ideals

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